Natural deodorant; underarm; organic deodorant

A super-effective, all-natural deodorant for everyone.

My Deodorant for 3+ Years

What can I say, I really love this stuff! I used to use D*ve stick deodorant and it would stain my shirts and make em stink. It made me feel self conscious and also made me toss some of my favorite shirts :( I switched to underarm balm and never looked back. This stuff smells great, lasts all day, and doesn’t leave residue on my shirts. I’ve tried other natural deodorants that made me break out, but I never have a problem with underarm balm. One jar lasts me about 2 and a half months.



I cannot recommended this product enough. It is the best natural deodorant you can find. Thank you, Serota's for making such a quality product!


The absolute best

I live in fear of the day this underarm balm is no longer available.



Not only is this the best and most effective *natural* deodorant, it’s the best deodorant, period. Previous deodorants I’ve used (some natural and others not) would lose their effectiveness after a couple of months, but I have now used Serotas for 3+ years and it is still working like magic. I absolutely love it!


This is the stuff

For years now, I’ve applied nothing else to my armpits. Just the tiniest dab of this herbal-y balm—a friend says it smells like amaro—and you are set for the day. “But Robin,” you protest, “I am extremely sweaty.” Ha. Trust me, I was the extremely sweaty one: until Serota’s changed everything.

(Note: Robin and his wife make Olive Oil you should check it out :)


Is life changing too dramatic? life changing!

This under arm balm smells so good, feels so good and actually works. It lasts all day and a little goes a long way. There’s not much more I’m looking for in a deodorant. I didn’t think a deodorant could make me so happy. I’ve been a customer for 6 years now, there isn’t a product that compares.


Really works and smells great

I love this stuff. It works so well, smells so good, and looks so pretty on my counter. My main motivation was the lack of plastic packaging, so this is a great solution. The price is steep, but I'm really hoping it lasts long enough to justify continuing to keep myself stocked.


Best Deodorant Ever

I've tried every natural deodorant, and THIS IS THE GOLD STANDARD. Smells incredible. Works so well. Lasts forever. If y'all ever stop making this, please let me know in advance so I can buy a zillion jars. (But please don't stop making it!)


My favorite

I switched to this stuff several years ago and haven't turned back. IT IS MY FAVORITE!! It smells great and works perfectly for me. I've tried many other natural deodorants but this is the best for my underarms! This little jar lasts longer than you might think and the packaging leaves me feeling like I'm not being mean to the earth :)



The absolute best natural deodorant formula I have ever used - I've tried to replicate at home with the basic ingredients but it just doesn't compare. No chalky dust, no weird residue with excellent oder neutralization. Love.



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