Natural deodorant; underarm; organic deodorant

A super-effective, all-natural deodorant for everyone.

My deodorant for 3+ years

"What can I say, I really love this stuff! I switched to underarm balm and never looked back. This stuff smells great, lasts all day, and doesn’t leave residue on my shirts. I’ve tried other natural deodorants that made me break out, but I never have a problem with underarm balm. One jar lasts me about 2 and a half months."

- Amanda

"Underarm balm is awesome! It works, and it's such a nice tingly feeling when I apply it, too."

- Mike, Fourth of his name. Crosser of oceans. Eater of lamingtons.

"If my underarms could talk, they would say, 'Serota's, where have you been all my life?'"

- Kate, Professor & Mom

"I'm an underarm balm believer; it works, I love the way it smells, and I trust the ingredients."

- Aric, Designer

"It feels great to use this stuff. It's natural and non toxic. It smells great, and I know Lauren cares deeply about the product."

- Emiliano Granado, photographer


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