A super-effective, all-natural deodorant for everyone.


Underarm Balm is effective and concentrated, succeeding where other all-natural deodorants fail. Others use fillers and carrier oils that make them less effective, but more profitable.  We've decided not to skimp - our batches are weighted towards higher concentrations of essential oils and deodorizers that make all the difference.

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Underarm Balm is a joy that grows over time.  Open up your jar of Balm, and you'll immediately be carried away by a smell akin to drinking mint juleps deep in a eucalyptus grove. All you'll need is a wee dab each day, and your jar will last 3 months.

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Lauren Serota, an Austinite, founded Underarm Balm after an exhaustive and unsuccessful search to find a natural deodorant alternative that stood up to Texas heat. Serota tried countless formulas and batches in her East Austin kitchen before she found the right balance.

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