Finally, something that works.

This product was born when I realized that I was not alone in an endless quest for effective, natural armpit odor neutralizer. We all know that “traditional” deodorants are full of chemicals and streak up your clothes (and some never really work in the first place). All-natural ones often fail; many even made me more stinky (and sticky!).

In 2013, I decided to make my own. Each time I mentioned it to friends, they (very politely) demanded a jar. I really couldn’t say no. As a result, we’ve had a discerning, dedicated and very vocal batch-by-batch test group that has helped us perfect our recipe.

The batches got bigger as more friends joined in, and even now, our team makes each jar of Underarm Balm by hand in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients. In early 2015 we made our first batch of commercially available balm, and it took off. It was clear that we weren't the only ones ready for a new kind of deodorant.

We have worked exactingly to create Underarm Balm vessels that are beautiful and useful beyond their initial lives as balm-holders. Steven Eggert is behind our typesetting and original illustrations.

As a note, the stuff is sometimes known as armpit elixir and, a personal pinnacle, Serotarant.

Who is Serota?

Lauren Serota is a designer who seeks ways to simplify, and to encourage herself and others to make smarter, more responsible decisions. She is committed, both through her work and now through this product, to promoting responsible consumerism and increasing mindfulness regarding how we spend our money, what we put into and on our bodies and what our actions mean for our environment.

To learn what Lauren does when she’s not compounding balms please visit

This product comes to you in large part due to the unwavering support of John WatsonJacob RaderKatie Inglis, Sarah WeinsteinSteven EggertJan ChipchaseMatthew Herald, Drew Miller and Chuck Hildebrand. Thanks, friends.